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Learning continues throughout your entire tenure — and it lasts a lifetime. Capgemini University is a powerful lever that helps you accelerate your career and better match your skills to your goals.

Building Toward Greater Success

You have your sights set on sharpening your skills and deepening your particular area of expertise to jumpstart your career. Whether you’re a software engineer, an engagement manager, a sales professional, a senior executive or simply new to the team, Capgemini University can help you access the learning tools and customized curriculum you need to take your career where you want it to go — at your own rhythm.
In 2011, Capgemini University’s global curriculum reached over 82,000 participants:
  • 4,900+ at central delivery locations in France, the USA and India
  • 50,000 locally across 17 countries
  • 27,000+ with e-learning modules and in virtual classrooms
This amounts to 68% of our team members completing more than 1,232,938 hours of learning.

Learning is a win-win for us. Our clients get better service, I can expand my career horizons and Capgemini gains in team expertise.

Terry Hammerstein
Supply Chain Manager and Capgemini University participant, USA

Choose your Practical Learning Journey

No matter where you work, you benefit from innovative learning solutions based on our award-winning Capgemini approach. It’s designed to give you an overview of our learning possibilities to develop your skills, increase your capabilities and help transform our business. Within each curriculum, you can choose from a wide variety of practical learning journeys, all of which will be immediately applicable to your daily work.
Your learning options include:
  • Assignments
  • Virtual books 24/7
  • Vodcasts and podcasts
  • Virtual classrooms and mentoring
  • Webinars
  • E-learning modules
  • Mobile learning applications
  • Classrooms using our collaborative learning platform
 Additional learning opportunities include global learning events:

Recognizing Learning Excellence

Our awards and recognitions are proof of Capgemini University’s ongoing commitment to supporting your long-term learning: 
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