Management Team

Our Group Executive Committee leads the vision and direction of the company to achieve its overall ambitions.

Group Executive Committee

  • Paul Hermelin*

    Group Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

  • Thierry Delaporte*

    Financial Services and Latin America

  • Aiman Ezzat*

    Chief Financial Officer

  • Hubert Giraud*

    People Management and Transformation

  • Patrick Nicolet*

    Competitiveness and India

  • Salil Parekh*

    Application Services One**, Cloud Infrastructure Services, Sogeti and Cloud Services

  • Olivier Sevillia*

    Application Services Two***, Business Services, Capgemini Consulting and Digital Services

  • Jean-Philippe Bol

    Deputy Head of Application Services Two***

  • Tim Bridges

    Application Services North America

  • Dee Burger

    Digital Services

  • André Cichowlas


  • Lanny Cohen

    Chief Technology Officer

  • Pierre-Yves Cros

    Strategy and Development

  • Cyril Garcia

    Capgemini Consulting

  • Srikanth Iyengar


  • Aruna Jayanthi

    Business Services

  • Srinivas Kandula


  • Jean-Baptiste Massignon

    General Secretary

  • Paul Nannetti

    Cloud Infrastructure Services

  • Virginie Regis

    Marketing and Communications

  • Luc-François Salvador

    Application Services Asia-Pacific

  • Hans van Waayenburg


International Management Team

  • Fernando Alvarez

    Partnerships and Strategic Initiatives

  • Christophe Bonnard

    Business Coordination France

  • Anirban Bose

    Bank and Financial Services

  • John Brahim

    Insights & Data

  • Walter Cappilati

    Application & Infrastructure Services - Latin America

  • Philippe Christelle

    Internal Audit, Ethics and Compliance

  • Richard Dicketts

    Infrastructure Services Operations

  • Jack Dugan

    Financial Services Operations

  • Stephan Ek

    Sogeti - Operations

  • Pierre-Yves Gléver

    Digital Customer Experience

  • Navin Goel

    Business Coordination

  • Philippe Grangeon

    Senior Executive Advisor to Group Chairman and CEO

  • Franck Greverie

    Cloud & Cybersecurity

  • Christine Hodgson

    Business Coordination
    United Kingdom

  • Lalit Khandelwal

    General Electric
    Account Executive

  • Deepankar Khiwani

    Applicative Maintenance
    Continental Europe

  • Christel Lerouge

    External Communications & Digital

  • Ted Levine

    Application Services
    North America
    Consumer Products, Retail, Transportation and Distribution (CPRTD)

  • Brad Little

    Application Services
    North America
    Energy & Utilities

  • Alain de Marcellus


  • Karine Marchat

    Control and Reporting

  • Paul Margetts

    Application Services
    United Kingdom

  • John Mullen


  • Sandy Padayachee

    Infrastructure Services
    Practices & Supply Chain

  • Catherine Perronet

    Executive Committee Secretary

  • Jean-Pierre Petit

    Digital Manufacturing
    & Sogeti High Tech

  • Nagasamy Pitchai

    Financial Services, Applicative Maintenance, Testing

  • Baru Rao

    Consumer Products and Distribution

  • Isabelle Roux-Chenu

    Contract Management

  • Michael Schulte

    Business Coordination

  • Jérôme Siméon

    Application Services

  • Lucia Sinapi-Thomas

    Business Services

  • Sujit Sircar

    Application Services
    North America

  • Chris Stancombe

    Business Services - Operations

  • Sanjay Tugnait

    Business Coordination

  • Leendert Venema

    Application Services

  • Jeroen Versteeg

    Application Services
    The Netherlands

  • Steve Wanklin

    Infrastructure Services

  • Ashwin Yardi

    Operations - India

  • Cliff Yu

    Application Services

  • Footnotes

    * Group Executive Board (GEB) member
    ** Applications Services One: Asia-Pacific, North America, United Kingdom
    *** Application Services Two: France, Benelux, Nordics, Germany and Central Europe, and Southern Europe